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Watch our Founder -  Beth Stelzer  - share her personal story about transgender athlete participation

Beth Stelzer  and Linda Blade on Women's Liberartion Radio News

Why I’m fighting to save women’s sport

4-25-19 an article by Beth Stelzer in Feminist Current

"Beth Stelzer fears trans activism puts the future of women’s sports in jeopardy, and wants to create a safe space for voices like hers."

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Rep. Joe Kennedy: No Sports Competitions for Women or Girls, Only for ‘Human Beings’

"They bully women while claiming to be victims of bullying,” said Beth Stelzer, founder of Save Women’s Sports. “Women are afraid if we speak up we will lose our sponsorships, opportunities, relationships, and even our jobs,” she said at an April event organized by the Heritage Foundation. If men are allowed to compete in women’s’ sports, “there will be no longer women’s sports,” she said.

The transgender ideology will erase opportunities for women and girls in sports, and may try to redefine strong girls as masculine and therefore as men, said Jennifer Bryson, founder of Let All Play. “I do not want to see girls who are playing soccer who are tough face pressure to adopt gender ideology and say they are boys,” she said at the Heritage event.

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Campaign Launched to ‘Save Women’s Sports’ from Infiltration of Transgender Competitors

 "A new effort has been launched to stop transgender “women,” biological males, from competing against natural-born female athletes.

The website tells visitors that the organization “seeks to preserve biology-based eligibility standards for participation on female sports.”"

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Under the “Equality Act,” A Woman’s Place is in the Bleachers

 "Last week, the Heritage Foundation presented another compelling panel on the impact of the transgender movement on women and girls, and its chief legislative vehicle: Nancy Pelosi’s so-called “Equality Act.”

Featuring women leaders like Beth Stelzer of Save Women’s Sports and Jennifer Bryson of Let All Play, the panel examined the devastating impact that this political movement is having in the lives of real women and girls, and women’s sports in general."

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