Newest Updates in Women's Sports

Forcing Congenital Females to Compete Against 'Trans-Women' Will Destroy Women's Sports


5-13-19 by Mark Rippetoe

"The Women's divisions of competitive sports are a rather recent phenomenon, one that I think has been an extremely positive development for the species as a whole. I'd hate to see it destroyed in the name of “Social Justice,” because justice will not have been served."


A Victory for Female Athletes Everywhere


5-3-19 by  Doriane Lambelet Coleman 

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) this week upheld the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) regulations governing eligibility for the women’s category in international elite athletics competition."

Why I’m fighting to save women’s sport


4-26-19 an Article by Beth Stelzer

" My perspective isn’t religious or political — it is based on my experience and on scientific facts. Women should not be forced to compete with men."


4-26-19 WRLN  - Danielle Whitaker

"So when male cyclist Rachel McKinnon wins a women’s world championship, when male weightlifter Laurel Hubbard sets a new record in women’s powerlifting, when male MMA fighter Fallon Fox breaks the skull of his female opponent, who claims she’d “never felt so overpowered,” we mustn’t name violence against women. We mustn’t name male entitlement. We mustn’t name misogyny. We mustn’t name female erasure. We mustn’t say the emperor has no clothes. We must say yes—yes to men, yes to men’s demands, yes to men’s feelings at any cost. We must celebrate the Orwellian “equality” of 2019. "

Dom Giordano: Not a level playing field

4-23-19 an Article by Dom Giordano

"The margin of competition in the Olympics between winning a medal and not is razor-thin. I feel for those female athletes who lose out by those margins because of the advantages transgender athletes might have. However, I am much more worried about girls who are great athletes honing their skills over many years and having very little or no shot to win at state championships and other big events.

What do we say to those girls?"

Campaign Launched to ‘Save Women’s Sports’ from Infiltration of Transgender Competitors


4-21-19 an Article by  WARNER TODD HUSTON 

The website tells visitors that the organization “seeks to preserve biology-based eligibility standards for participation on female sports.”

16 year old Selina Soule Speaks Up: Connecticut State Championships and the Equality Act


4-18-19 an Article by  Julie Diana Robertson 

"Selina Soule explains that Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood have an unfair advantage—She's speaking for girls who are 'afraid to speak up because of retaliation from the media, school officials, and coaches.' "

Watch Selina's Testimony

Playing field is not level when female-identified transgender athletes compete with girls

23% Believe Transgender Athletes Should Be Allowed to Compete in Women's Sports

Is It Fair Play? How Female Athletes Are Losing in the Age of Gender Identity

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Transgender Athlete Participation Debate

Transgender Runners Can Compete in the Boston Marathon as Their Self-Identified Gender

4-9-19 Article by Alix Langone

 The Boston Marathon has reiterated its policy that allows transgender runners to compete under their self-identified gender – amid renewed debate among runners. 

How Testosterone-Fueled Trans Athletes Are Erasing Women in Sports

4-8-19 Article by  Stephen Kruiser

" This is a hot-button issue that hits close to home because I am the father of a female college athlete, and I want to address this from that perspective. "

Sport’s transgender debate needs compromise not conflict

 4-1-19  Article by Joanna Harper

"The author, a medical expert who transitioned in her 20s and has advised the IOC, believes science and sporting studies show a route to respecting the rights of all athletes."

Sky Views: Sport's transgender debate has been hijacked by hate

 Article by Martha Kelner, sports correspondent

"[Competing athletes] are worried that it might eventually lead not only to the erosion of female categories in sport but also place those competing in contact and combat sport in danger." -Martha Kelner 

Trans Athletes: The Death Of Women's Sports Fairness Gone Too Far

 Article by Dani Shugart  

"This is just a small glimpse of sporting events in which trans women – who were born male and went through puberty as males – have dominated. And we can expect to see more of this as the amount of male-born athletes signing up to compete as women increases. "

Maryland school leaves conference because of league's transgender policy

Article by: Cam Smith, USA TODAY High School Sports 

"A Maryland school has accelerated its departure from its home high school athletic conference due to that league’s transgender policy, sparking a sharp debate."

Courage award for transgender athletes doesn’t tell whole story

4-13-19 an Article by Jeff Jacobs

" What will happen in the future? What will happen if transgender athletes are allowed to compete without standards in college? What about the basic fairness of biological males vs. biological females in high school that cost kids forever championship memories? Forget right-wing extremists. These are heated arguments between progressive-thinking women.

It takes courage for transgender athletes to compete. In Connecticut, it also takes courage for cis girls to compete with dignity against them.

It’s a shame the Gold Key won’t honor the other half of an incredibly difficult situation."

Transgender Athletes Will Spell the End of Women’s Sports

 4-15-19 an Article by  Deana Bass Williams

"Athlete Ally, a gay rights sports advocacy group, then removed Navratilova from its advisory board because of her criticism of Rachel McKinnon, a transgender cyclist who won a gold medal at the cycling Masters World Track Championship for women.  The 18-time Grand Slam champion worried that not everyone would have the toughness to stand up for their views on this issue and “may be cowed into silence or submission.”  Well, we won’t be silent. Fair play should be anything but controversial."

Outsports Sidesteps Male Dominance in Women's Sports By Questioning 'Fairness'

4-16-19 an Article by Jay Maxson

"To rebuff those who say men are always more athletic, stronger and faster than women, Zeigler tries to lead his readers down a series of rabbit trails. He raises inane and irrelevant points and questions to direct the subject of fairness away from the battle of the sexes. It's just another deny, distort, deconstruct day in the life of a gender bender with an internet soapbox.

He says sports rule-makers get to set the rules. He didn't say the LGBT juggernaut has already strong-armed the International Olympic Committee and the NCAA into making unfair allowances for males to compete in women's athletics."

Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard back for New Zealand

 Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard has returned to the New Zealand womens sports squad for the upcoming Arafura Games, an Olympic qualifying event.