Men don't belong in women's sports

"Take a look at what’s happening in Connecticut. Two high school male athletes who identify as female have won 15 women’s championship titles that were once held by nine different girls. Female athletes are losing medals and podium spots to men, and they stay silent out of fear of retaliation and backlash. But with the help of Alliance Defending Freedom, a few brave young women are taking a public stand against the harmful policies that are threatening their academic and athletic futures." - Alliance Defending Freedom (A.D.F)

Petition to the UCI (union cycliste internationale)


Demand the UCI Evaluate the Evidence on Sex Differences in Sport

" This week a new world record was set on the track in the F35-39 category by a born male. This person proceeded to win, for the second year in a row, the age-group (masters) world championship in the female category, despite the fact this person was born male, experienced male puberty (and the physiological benefits that confer relative to females for cycling), and--as the latest science suggests--continues to be advantaged by male physiology, ranging from lung capacity to muscle memory and skeletal structure--none of which have been shown to be reversed by hormones or 'sex-reassignment surgery'.  



Petition to the International Olympic Committee

 "Male-born athletes who identify as women are taking women's places on sports teams, breaking women's sporting records and insisting they must share changing and showering facilities with women.....

Some transwomen have already qualified to represent their country at the Tokyo Olympics. This is indefensible. 

Suspend the transgender policy now!"


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