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11-13-19 Mock and Daisy - Ep 15 - PSA Men don't belong in women's sports

7-30-19 Speak Up For Women urges govt to intervene over trans athletes

Features Ani O'Brien of Stand Up For Women -NZ

7-29-19 Pressure group wants ban on transgender athletes in women's sport

Features Dr. Nicola Williams of Fair Play for Women

6-19-19 Rebecca Dussault: An Olympian explains the transgender threat to women's sports

" Rebecca Dussault, a 2006 Winter Olympian in cross-country skiing and a world champion winter triathlete, warns that, "We are wading into some really dangerous waters” in allowing transgender participation in female sporting events."

Katrina Trinko and Daneil Davis from The Daily Signal with mother Bianca Stanescu, mother of a daughter who has raced in track against boys who identify as girls, and Jennifer Bryson from

Beth Stelzer and Coach Linda Blade from Save Women's Sports on Women's Liberation Front News

Podcast with Meghan Murphy and Coach Linda Blade

Meghan Murphy speaks with Linda Blade, President of Athletics Alberta, coach, and former heptathlete, about the need for sex-segregated sport.  

"As sports bodies and organizations around the world have begun to adopt policies allowing males who identify as transgender to compete against and among female athletes, people have begun to speak out. Female athletes are particularly concerned."


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