5/17/19 House Democrats Pass the Equality Act - HR5

4/2/19  The House Judiciary Committee held the first meeting to discuss the proposed "Equality Act (HR5)" 

  • The meeting was delayed, the footage starts at about 24:00
  • The threat to women's sports was repeatedly denied by many.
  • It is important now more than ever to speak up

 4/9/19 The House Committee on Education and Labor

  • As with the Judiciary meeting, the threat to women's sports is repeatedly denied.


Our Founder Beth Stelzer shares her story at The Heritage Foundation. The panel also featured:

Bianca Stenescu - Mother of Selina Soule, Glastonbury High School Track and Field Athlete

Jennifer S. Bryson - Founder, Let All Play

Madeleine Kearns - William F. Buckley Jr. Fellow in Political Journalism, National Review Institute

Doreen Denny - Senior Director of Government Relations, Concerned Women for America

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