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Connecticut Complaint

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Connecticut Complaint

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Hawaii Title IX Case

2/27/20 Hawaii Mom Files Title IX Complaint

Mother, award-winning track athlete and high school track coach Cynthia Monteleone has filed a complaint with the Department of Education Office of Civil Rights and state education and high school athletic officials in Hawaii. 

Shortly after filing the complaint she watched as a transgender athlete, a male, easily won while racing against female competitors. She told Save Women's Sports that the athlete had only started running track a couple of weeks before the event. Her daughter has been training for years for her debut a freshman. 

Cynthia says, "In my eyes, my daughter won her race."  

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Cynthia Moneteleone and her Daughter

Watch as a transgender athlete, a male competing with females, wins easily. 

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Connecticut Title IX Complaint

Connecticut High School Track Stars, Selina Soule, and Alanna Smith joined the A.D.F. in a Title IX

2/12/20 - Title IX Complaint turns into Lawsuit 

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ACLU's Response:

1/9/20 -  "Doctor Joins Titile IX Complaint"

10/13/19 - ‘Justice’ for trans athletes is unfair to girls like my daughter

8 /8/19 -  Fed. Office of Civil Rights to Investigate


6/18/19 - Track Star Selina Soule joins complaint against Dept. of Edu.



1/8/19 Dr. Gregory Brown Joins Title IX Complaint

16 year old Selina Soule Speaks Up: Connecticut State Championships and the Equality Act

How to File a Complaint

U.S. Dept. of Education Office of Civil Rights

Call the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) at 1-800-421-3481 to report any educational discrimination on the basis of race, sex, disability, etc., request information on civil rights compliance programs, procedures for filing discrimination complaints, or access to civil rights regulatory and policy documents.

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